WIP: Naptown Stitchers Bee assignment

So I broke my pact to be more focused in my sewing. It wasn’t going to take long, right? It’ll take a little while to completely throw off my old ways :) I’ll get there. I do think it’s ok and healthy to follow creative whims from time to time, as long as I don’t completely revert back to being a serial-quilt-starter. So you guys, after this one, I am not¬†starting a new project until I finish the Dyed quilt!
Anyway, what the heck am I talking about, right? Well, this thing:
Mmmmm. Love it.
Much darker than what I normally go for.
Our Naptown Stitchers bee assignment this month is to make a block interpreting our favorite book. I did 5 blocks. And am making them into a quilt. So there’s that :)
wuth 2
The star block is a paper-pieced block from Vintage Quilt Revival. I used a few bright solids from my stash and two fat quarters of Anna Maria Horner fabric. I really had to squeeze the last little bits out of those fat quarters!
I opted for Pearl Bracelets for the background. I really like this print because it’s not as stark as solid black, while still very dark in value.
wuth 3
For the negative space in the background, I’m making a ton of 4″ blocks with wonky triangles in one corner. Loving the bright colors! I’ve thrown in some darker colors, and even blacks, as well.
wuth 4
I’ve done about 20, so I only have 160 to go. That’s not a buzz-kill. Not. at. all…..
wuth 5
Ok, I may have bitten off a little more than I was originally planning to…
wuth 6
Oh, you were wondering what book I was representing? Not telling :) Not yet, at least!! Stay tuned for that!


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    This is beautiful. The dark colors really make the purples and blues stand out. Love it and can’t wait to find out what book you have in mind :)

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