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I found fabric to make another courthouse steps block: jan 1

I've been wanting to use this green fabric for some time, but didn't have a solid color to go with it. I've already used an aqua color, and the lime green would make the block have way too much green. Bright pin would be perfect. But alas, I thought to myself, I have no bright pink. Later, I was searching for scraps to practice some free motion quilting and *gasp* what is that? What, bright pink? I HAVE BRIGHT PINK!! I had forgotten that I bought some for a 1/4 inner border for a quilt last year. I didn't remember since it wasn't a very big part of the project, so I was thrilled to find it and I love the way the block ended up turning out:

jan 2

It looks great with the others!

I also ended up getting more work done on the double Irish chain quilt - it is getting so close! Here is my progress chart:

And there are currently 4 blocks part way done. Yay :)

And.....I started the FIRE QUILT.

jan 4

I am SO pumped about this quilt, I think it looks amazing! It is my first quilt of all solids, and I have a feeling there will be many, many more in the future. I'm contemplating also doing earth, wind, and rain, but I'll have to have ideas about design to start anything like that....

As you may have noticed in the above photos, I'm paper piecing the fire quilt, one row at a time, but I cut out the pieces (roughly) ahead of time to get a correct grain. I could have just cut them out very well to begin with, but cutting out a million trapezoid thingies precisely didn't seem like any fun. And neither did lining them up super precisely for seaming later. Plus, the foundation paper is going to keep it from shifting/stretching too much during the whole sewing process. I originally wanted to have this quilt done in time to apply to the Houston modern quilting show, but there's no way it will be done in time. Maybe for next year :)

jan 5

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