Ironing board cover and "scrap" quilt

If you haven't heard of it yet, Randi is hosting a great sew along series this whole year at I have to say. I wasn't going to do this month's since it wasn't a quilt, but last week, I figured I might as well! She posted a tutorial for an ironing board cover. Mine is new, but let's face it, ugly:

board 1

Randi's cover, and most of the ones made by followers, are patterned. Buttt.....I tend to wet block frequently. I wet a small cloth and place it on top of a wrinkly area, then put the hot iron on top of sizzles, I pull off the cloth to reveal the dampened block underneath, and I put the iron straight on that until all the water is evaporated. It's a great way to get out pervasive wrinkles and more effective than simple steaming. Unfortunately, when I do this with light colored fabrics, I always think I've stained the fabric because the ironing board cover shows through. I know, I'm not the quickest ;). So anyway, I decided to primarily cover it in white. But I still wanted a little taste of fun!!

board 2


I absolutely love this little forest wonderland print!! Now I can look at it all the time :)
Linking up this finish to Sew Modern Monday:

And do you remember last month's sew along? I've been adding to it to try to make a quilt. I was originally using scraps, but those didn't last very long! I don't normally use fabric that bright and graphic, so scraps were scarce and this project quickly became a fabric-purchasing event. That's ok though :) This month's modern quilt guild meeting was at Crimson Tate, a modern quilt shop, and I bought some more fabric! I loooove making these courthouse step blocks, they are very therapeutic:

board 3 Coming along!!

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