Boardwalk Block Tutorial

Introducing the Boardwalk Block! This block uses 2.5" strips of fabric, which makes it great for using up scraps and charm packs. Jelly rolls and yardage also work well for making larger quantities. General note: Use 1/4" seams and press all seams open. Block will be 10.5" to make 10" finished blocks.
Step 1: Sew together purple strips
Sew together five 2.5" x 3.5" strips along the longer side. You can also sew together slightly longer strips (such as half charm squares) and cut them down to size (3.5" width strippy piece), or sew together very long strips (such as jelly roll strips or 2.5" cuts from yardage), and slice them every 3.5" after all your stitching is done to mass produce block parts.
You will need a total of four of these pieces for each block. I used a different random arrangement of strips in each piece, but you can use the same arrangement if desired.

Step 2: Sew on your solid

For one block, you will need four 2.5" x 5.5" solid pieces. Center this on one side of your strippy piece and sew into place. You should be able to eyeball this easily.

Press open. Don't worry if your fabric curves funny on the sides of the seam:34

Repeat with all of your pieces.

Step 3: Cut at a 45* angle

You want to end up with four triangles, made by cutting two 45* angles on each of your four pieces. You will not be cutting exactly to the corner, as your seam should run exactly to your corners. Instead, you will cut 1/4" away from the corner at an angle. Using an Omnigrid ruler, line up the 1/4" line with the corner of your fabric and the 45* angle line with the bottom of your strip (see arrow in photo).




You will have a nice squared off corner:


Repeat on the other side:


Repeat with all four of your pieces to have four triangles:


Step 4: Sew triangles together

Sew them together first in pairs. Pin carefully to make sure seams match up. Because you cut on the bias (diagonal), the fabric can easily be stretched if necessary to make sure all seams match up. Press open, then sew the two pairs together.

310           311

Congratulations, you are done!!!


Try methodically placing your fabrics for a very different look:

313       314

Let me know if you make any blocks with this tutorial; I'd love to see them!