A finish....ish

I guess it's not really a finish since I still have to sandwich and quilt the thing, but I finished piecing the purple + mustard yellow (that sounds prettier) quilt!

se 17
Prepare for a lot of pictures, I couldn't decide :)
se 18
Fluttering in the wind...
se 19
And a close-up of the patchwork...
se 20
So excited to be done with the piecing! Now on to the less fun parts that stand between me and the finish line (sandwiching and basting...). I'm planning on quilting it with gold metallic thread, though for a fleeting moment today I got the idea to tie it instead. Maybe because it's so patchworky? But even though it's faster, I've never enjoyed wrangling worsted weight yarn and a yarn needle through quilting cotton and batting to tie a quilt.
And it needs a name. I've started referring to all the quilts I'm making/planning to make by their colors. There's the blue quilt, the yellow - purple quilt (this one), the purple - gray quilt, the yellow - sketch quilt...you see why this needs to stop! So, any ideas? (The name of the purple block is the "Boardwalk Block", and the yellow blocks are just bordered 9 patches, if that helps.)
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