Groove Progress

Well, I meant to get this off earlier...But you see, I just got off my sewing machine. I set these goals, thinking they are possible. Really they aren't.... I have a list of about 5 goals I'm behind on already, including this groove quilt. Well...I'm not behind on it yet, but I know I will be! One of my goals is to have it pieced - completely - by this weekend. No fudging time, either, since we will be having lots of house guests and a b-day party for one special little boy! So here's the question - can I do it?

se 5

No. No I can't. But I'm sure going to have fun pretending like I will. And I'll post updates tomorrow and Friday to keep myself motivated on moving forward! Like a number of other members of the Groove-Along, I chose to alter the pattern to use wayyyy fewer seams. Of course, this means a ginormous (yes that's a word) amount of partial seams. I currently have 17 of the 19 sections pieced, then those will all be pieced together, mostly by partial seams. Sounds easy enough, right? ;P. Well, it won't be hard, I just don't have a lot of time, so here we go!

In the words of Barney Stinson - challenge accepted.

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