A Lovely Year of Finishes - blocks

Have you seen the info for A Lovely Year of Finishes yet? It looks like a great motivator for finishing up projects this coming year! Just aim to finish one project a month and link up at the beginning and end of each month, telling your goals and whether or not you met them. Then - the best part - be eligible for prizes!!
So my January goal involves blocks...
First of all, I'd love to get my do. Good blocks done on time!! This seems to be a chronic problem for me...This month will be flags, and I'm pretty excited about some of the fabrics I get to use. These are due by the 10th of the next month, so I guess I technically don't have to get them done by Jan 31st, so they won't be an official, hard goal for January. More of a, hey, better to get it done before January ends kind of goal.
Second of all, I'm hoping to complete all nine blocks on the Something New Sampler blog hop. Now, it might sound silly to make this a goal, since I'm the one throwing the blog hop (I mean, it should just be implied that I do all of them!) but someone (cough cough, new baby, cough cough) is giving me less time than expected.
Yeah, yeah, don't plan to do anything when you have a baby, lol. But I needed to do something for sanity's sake, and was planning on having my husband watch the kids for about an hour each night while I had "me" time. I didn't even start doing this until he was almost a month old (now five weeks), so I thought my expectations were realistic! I just had my first baby 15 months ago, so I still remember what it was like to have a newborn...
Well. Someone decided they will only sleep when Mommy holds him! Kind of throws a wrench in my plans. Definitely nice to feel needed; Charlie was more of a Daddy's boy. But sure does make it hard to get things done.
Hence why this is a big goal!!
Hopefully I can do it :).
Because I got some fantastic Christmas presents:
I'll be using the fabric bundle for the Something New Sampler. It's the Lagoon bundle (gift from my mom!) and I'm excited to see how many quilt tops I can use it in! I'm thinking just a goal of three blocks from the Sampler hop (including my block) by the end of January, since the Madrona Road challenge is taking up most of my time (I'd put that down as an official goal, but it's a gift and I can't share any pictures of it, so that's pretty lame!).So that's my official goal for the Year of Finishes - three Something New Sampler blocks.

Here we go!

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