Felty Goodness & Sashiko

Thought I would just share with you some lovely felt tools my friend made for Charlie. One of his very first decidedly boyish toys with a super high adorable factor to boot!
She even painted a cute little tool box for him - ack! Soooo darn cute!!
She made the tools using the book Big Little Felt Universe and blogs about her adventures as a mom at My Domestic Monastery.
I've also been working on my Sashiko block for the Something New Sampler. I decided to add a little bit more color by machine appliqueing a floral print onto the white background. I figured it would work well here since it has most of the colors in my fabric bundle and the print is probably too large to use elsewhere.
(The blue splotches are from my water soluble marker - I changed my original design and didn't spend much time removing the ink.) Check out the tutorial at The Elven Garden! I'm hoping it will go well with my other blocks. I wasn't wanting to use this much white in my blocks originally because I felt like it was too "easy" to do, but I didn't really want to see a 7" x 14" expanse of any of my print fabrics for a background. So far I'm liking it though!
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