Something New Sampler: Zipper Layout

This post is part of the Something New Sampler blog event. I'm showing different ways to set rectangular blocks. We're using 7.5" x 14.5" blocks (finished at 7" x 14"), but you can use the same ideas for any rectangular blocks you might have!Today we have a small lap blanket with a zipper-style layout of 7 blocks. If you like the looks of your blocks touching, this is a great option! It's also really simple to piece...
Simply add a 6.5" x 7.5" piece to the end of each block. Rotate every other block and stitch together.
Add a 9.5" x 49.5" strip to the top and a 20.5" x 49.5" strip to the bottom. You'll have a quilt that finishes at 49" x 49". Find the cutting directions here.
I hope you guys are getting some inspiration for your final pieces and thinking about how many blocks you may want to make! There are some great blocks popping up in the Flickr group:
They're looking good :). I'll be back soon with a finish to share!
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