Curvy Pinwheels!

So my machine started to crap out on me skip stitches occasionally, and I thought I would give its quilting muscles a break and work on some piecing.
Of course, I had to try a few fixes first, otherwise I was worried it might still happen! Did you know that you are always supposed to thread your machine with your presser foot up? Apparently that affects your tension...did not know that, and hopefully that's all it took to fix it! Thought I might let you in on that secret :)
Anyway, onto the piecing...I needed to work on a baby quilt for John's cousin, so away I went:
I designed this block (I mean, I'm sure it's not that original...) and think it looks perfect for a baby quilt! Simple and effective. I'm using up some leftover cuts from my Lagoon bundle, as well as an Amy Butler print and the scribbly black fabric thrown in to give it some darker values.
I'm most excited about this cute giraffe print that came with the Lagoon bundle - that was too baby-ish for my lap quilt, but perfect for this baby quilt! And the color palette of this bundle is perfect for a gender neutral quilt (they aren't finding out!).
Anyway. Hoping to have a tutorial + templates out for this soon :).