Michael Miller solids

In return for lending them my Madrona Road challenge quilt, Michael Miller sent along a color card and a beautiful charm pack. It's an oversized pack (80+ charms!) with all of the old colors on the color card (there are more new ones on the card not in the pack). I couldn't wait to dive in.
I might not sew up the charm pack and just keep it for choosing colors instead. There's something wonderful about being able to physically move swatches around to see how they work together instead of guessing from across the color card.
Isn't it beautiful??
I especially love the red run they have, with some delicious watermelon colors.
Obviously sending me bribes thank you gifts is a great way to get me to buy your fabric! Mission accomplished, Michael Miller. Mission accomplished.
I brought some emeraldy colors that ombre together well - we'll see what I use it for!
In order:
...and Michael Miller's black and white dandy damask.
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