Lovely Year of Finishes: Feb Recap

Just touching base with the Lovely Year of Finishes party! Unfortunately, a nasty virus spread through the family this month...though I did manage to squeak by my finishes as of today, I was supposed to have a bit more extra time than this! Let's take a look at my goals...
For February, I'm planning on making a cowgirl baby quilt for my friend who rides horses. Her baby's due in two weeks, so we'll see what arrives at her doorstep first!
Of course, the sickness means that the quilt ended up being finished after the baby came, and still hasn't been sent out - just finished it up today and I'd like to wash it first so it crinkles up all nicely!
I'm in love with the cuteness of this quilt....horses, cowboy hats, pink western facades, flowers, and gingham....sigh. What more could a girl want?
I quilted curved lines in the "wings" to make the blocks look more like butterflies and twirly loops in the border.
I ended up using 1/2" sashing between the blocks because when I laid them out, there just wasn't enough lavender in the quilt for my liking. The sashing gave the feel of a "sea of purple" that I was going for. I'm not a huge fan of how seam-y this makes the quilt look, but I'm sure that will disappear a bit with washing.
The sashing also makes it look a bit more traditional, but I still love it - perfect for a baby girl!!
On the back, I used a yard of Anna Maria Horner's feathers in purple - so fitting! - and some leftovers of the other fabrics to bring it up to size. David at Crimson Tate helped me pick it, and a slew of other fabrics I used here. I really like his sense of color and style, so I pretty much used every fabric he was suggesting. You know how sometimes you just click with another person's fabric choice? This happened. And I hope it keeps happening from here on out! (I'm pretty picky, so this is a rare occasion.)
And of course, more bias cut gingham for the binding. They should pretty much print gingham on the diagonal; we all know it's cuter that way :)
My second goal for February - finish all the blocks for the Something New Sampler. I'm on it :)
Finished this one as well!


The trapunto block isn't completely finished in this photo, but I've completed it since then. There's evidence in this extremely poorly lit photo if you doubt me. I'd love to talk about some of these blocks in greater detail, since I finished them right before getting sick myself and haven't posted about them yet - but I'm exhausted! I had a girl's night with my MOMS group (from church - Ministry of Mothers Sharing) and stayed out as long as I could, so now I'm beat. Plus it's the middle of the night. Yikes. Time to sleep before the kiddies wake up!
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