Improv Sewing: Mirror Ball Dots

Well, you may have noticed I didn't really hit my March goals...something else got in the way!
Yup, let's paint the house :) Mustard bathroom & 80s wallpaper, be gone!
Then we decided we should just redo the bathroom. So we're working on that...
Since I haven't had any sewing time, when John asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday yesterday, you know what the answer was! I didn't have anything ongoing I wanted to work on, so I pulled out my metallic Mirror Ball Dots by Michael Miller.
Eek, they are gorgeous!! They really shimmer in the sunlight:
I didn't have a pattern in mind when I got these and didn't want to take the time to draw something up, so I thought I'd try doing some improv (which I'm notoriously bad at...just an fyi). So I worked on some slicing and inserting...
And got this:
I wasn't sold.
So then I did an improv herringbone type of thing on some foundation paper (so I would know where I was going).
I like it better. A little.
But I have no idea what to do with any of this now! And while it was really fun to be able to start cutting and sewing right this second, I feel like I used up some precious fabric and kinda just want it back.
I think I'll be sticking with the preplanned patterns...
For now, at least :)
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