BQF Baby Quilt: Curvy Pinwheels

My first Blogger's Quilt Festival entry is this fun baby quilt, made up of Curvy Pinwheels. (You can find my second entry here.)
I was wanting something with a little more movement than a traditional pinwheel pattern, and this fit the bill! (You can find my tutorial for this block here.)
I made it for my husband's cousin, who never finds out the gender of her babies ahead of time (I don't know how she can stand to wait!!). Each block only takes a fat eighth of the print fabric, so I was able to whip this up with some leftovers I had from a fat quarter bundle.
I absolutely love how the binding turned out - I used some of Denyse Schmidt's Flea Market Fancy, with a small strip of a blue and green polka dot as an accent.
I machine bound this quilt with a contrasting bright blue thread for the zig zag, which gives it a great pop. It worked out well, since the baby ended up being a boy!
The backing was made up of a piece of Amy Butler's soul blossom fabric, plus a few scraps to bring it up to size.
Overall, I found this pattern to just be super fun to do. The large size of the blocks meant it was really quick to piece, and the gentle curves are quite easy to sew. I can't wait to do a larger version someday!
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