Something New Sampler - quilted!

Finally! I finally finished quilting my Something New Sampler quilt.
Unfortunately, I was running into a ton of problems quilting this guy. Some made sense, like messed up stitching where there was lots of bulk. But the real problem was TONS of skipped stitching. The skipped stitches were increasing in frequency and size (as in, many in a row), so I put it away for awhile and quilted 3 other quilts. No problems. Not a single skipped stitch. Whatever it was, I thought it was fixed! So I bought a new spool of thread, some new needles, and tried again. I was getting some thread shred, as well, so figured it was just a faulty spool. Nope. None of those things worked! I started skipping stitches again!! It wasn't too many and wasn't as bad as before, so I just plowed on and finished.
I kind of wonder if it was the fabric I used? The gray background fabric? Or the backing fabric...I mean, it was Kona, so that's unlikely. And the batting was what I always use (warm and natural), so I'm still suspecting the gray fabric.
Sigh. Well, it's done now. Just need to bury the ends.
I must say, I was hoping to enter this guy into the Home Machine Quilting Show. I'm not sure now.
I suppose I can enter it anyway, knowing that it isn't perfect. I mean, it wasn't going to be perfect anyway, but some of these issues are really obvious!
Well....on the back.
Perhaps I'm being too hard on myself?
It's still a love/hate.
Tutorial coming in the next day or two....and less of this debbie downer business :)
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