Time to face the strange...

There's going to be some changes coming to the cute life!
For starters, it's time to come clean. When I first started this blog, I was worried about privacy, so I used the fake last name "Gray" for some peace of mind. Now that I'm publishing patterns/projects both for myself and for magazines, the whole copyright, "no this isn't really my name" thing is just getting annoying.
So no, I'm not Amy Gray. I'm Amy Garro, and now that I've realized that quilters are not axe murderers or crazy internet stalkers, I can tell you that. Obviously, I'm pretty uncreative with fake names, but I think that goes without saying, lol.
So no one show up at my house, please. Because that would 1) prove me wrong and 2) be really creepy.
I'll be announcing some more changes tomorrow....don't worry, these will be a little bit more exciting :).