Giveaway Winner & What's in a name

First of all, since you are all waiting to hear, the winner is.....
 Commenter #15, Joyce! Congratulations!! I've emailed you for your address.
In other news, I added a Bloglovin' button. I haven't switched over yet, and it sounds like a few of you were having troubles figuring out how to follow me! It's on the right hand side of the page, if you'd rather follow me that way than via email. Thanks for the suggestion to add a button :)
And last of all, someone asked about the name 13 Spools. Thought I'd share...
I had been wanting a new name for quite awhile. I first came up with the name "the cute life" before delving into modern quilting. While I still love traditional quilts, I didn't feel like it reflected my range of quilting styles and tastes anymore. I needed something different! Since I wanted to upgrade to a .com, this would be the perfect chance to do that. So the brainstorming began. I thought I might start with song lyrics that I liked as a jumping point. Two phrases came to mind - "like 13 miles away" from Blue October's Into the Ocean and "Bursting into Life" from Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars (also my husband and mine's wedding song). Unfortunately, the first one sounding like a hiking blog and the second one sounded like a religious blog. Now, there's nothing wrong with those kinds of blog, but this is a quilting blog and I wanted it to sound like it! My husband asked me what I was considering, so I told him those two options, but that I wanted it to obviously sound related to sewing the title. So he suggested 13 Spools, and I loved it!
But you know the ironic thing? Apparently the song lyric is actually "like 14 miles away". I've misheard it all these years and didn't realize that till now, when I went to check the song title.
Oops :)