Let's Get Acquianted Blog Hop

Hi all! It's my stop on the "Let's Get Acquainted" blog hop, hosted by Plum and June.
My name is Amy, and while I've been sewing for 19 years-ish, I've only recently gotten bit by the quilting bug. I love it! I have two boys under the age of two and had been really struggling to enjoy motherhood. I knew being a mother was all about sacrifice, but I was sacrificing so much of myself that I was no longer fulfilling my own needs - and my children weren't being helped by that! I've found a lot of joy and comfort in having another purpose to focus on, so my husband helps make sure we meet the priority of giving me plenty of sewing time. We've all been much happier for it, and since it turns out my husband has a really good eye for design and color, it's been a great bonding experience as a couple - who would have thought!
I've been blogging for a couple of years now, but recently decided to vamp up my blog and moved to this brand new space. I wanted to have a much more interactive experience and am really looking forward to it! Part of this includes the QAL I just announced, where we'll be making the Prism quilt from Faith of Fresh Lemons:
 I'm fairly new to quiltalongs, but there is something so much fun about cheering each other on as you sew and connecting with people who are just as excited about quilting as you are! I've been wanting to make this quilt for quite awhile now, and it's going to be awesome to have a team of bloggy friends to make it alongside.
A few things about myself as a quilter....I'm a little all over the place with my style. I absolutely love making quilts dripping with girly features:
And also make a number of more form-focused quilt designs. These tend to look more masculine, and when I design them, I start with a sketch first instead of fabrics first.
I'm definitely proudest of my Fire & Ice quilt. I hope some of you old followers aren't too sick of hearing about it yet :).
I hope you check out the rest of my site! Don't miss my tutorials page and it was a pleasure to have you all hop by :).
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