Catching up

So I've been off the radar lately...because I haven't been sewing lately! I was taking a much needed break from the craziness of life. My husband had a few days off work, and then I continued the laid back feeling by just chilling, napping, and watching tv during my regular sewing time. Bliss!. But I'll show a few things from before the mini vacay.
I've been stashing some low-volume prints...I love the craze, but am horrible at picking fabrics online, so it's been taking awhile!
I grabbed some of the Joel Dewberry Notting Hill leftovers from my Prism quilt - the red colorway - and pulled out an old paper piecing pattern I haven't touched yet. I'm excited about where this is going!
There will be multiple diamonds. When they are stitched together, some of the aqua will disappear into the seam allowance and the red inner diamonds will touch. I don't have a lot of time to work on these, so they'll be my fun side project.
And in other news, there is gross toddler poop on my cathedral windows pillow. Sigh. I'm off to google how to get it all out...and then make my husband do it....
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