Cutting for the Prism quilt

Prismers, ready to cut?
I got mine mostly cut today! I started with a jelly roll, which sped things up, and white yardage. Just need to finish up my pinks. When I cut lots of pieces out, I like to make small stacks of pieces (like 5 or 10), and then stack them in opposite directions so I can easily count how far along I am.
These lovely Joel Dewberry gems can still be found at Knotted Thread!
Hopefully you've had a chance to try out piecing a test block! If you end up using my method and have found that the measurements I listed work well for you, see this discussion thread for some tips to figure out how much fabric you need to buy. If you prefer Faith's method of paper piecing, and her measurements work out well for you, just use her suggested yardage (found in the pattern)!
Can't wait to start stitching some of these together!!
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