Prism Along: Checking in!

Ok, since I was on a mental vacation last week (and a sewing vacation!,) I forgot that I was supposed to post for the Prism Along! Since I'm a week behind, I'll post again in a few days to get all caught up. For now, last Monday's intended post checking in on the progress being made - just a glimpse of the projects being made in the Flickr group:
It's really cool to see all the different interpretations of a single pattern!
On another note, while I was starting to join my blocks into rows, I realized that I made 8 blocks without unclicking "print to scale" for my templates. Ugggggh. Of course I didn't buy enough white fabric for messups, so I went back to JoAnn's to get more (Kona PFD), and they didn't have it. Blech. So now I have to order some online. Because of the darn box I didn't unclick.
Lesson learned!
But otherwise, here's how mine's looking these days:



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