Checking in with some sewing progress :)

We're finally on a real vacation over here!
It was a little too cloudy and cool to go on the lake today, so I got in some sewing time.
Prism progress
My rows are all completed:
Prism progress
Just need to take the time to rip off all the papers, and hopefully I'll have a completed quilt top soon!
Prism progress
Once I have the first piece off, I try to rip off my papers from the middle of the seam out. Starting from an edge puts more stress on the stitches and can rip them out, even if you used small stitches and good paper!
It wasn't without it's rocky moments for me, and I seem to be making a huge amount of errors on this quilt. So I'm calling it done at crib size, much smaller than I was intending, but before I throw something across the room.
I think the real problem is lack of sleep - hopefully I'll be able to catch up on that here :)
How about you - any progress on your project?
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