Quilting the Prism with Angela Walters - plus fabric GIVEAWAY!

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I'm pretty happy to have Angela Walters here today to share with us her ideas on how to quilt the Prism! Just in case you live under a rock and don't know who she is, Angela is a prominent modern longarm quilter. She has two books out, blogs at Quilting is My Therapy, and teaches some awesome classes on Craftsy. So on to her expert advice :) 


Thanks so much for letting be a part of this QAL! One thing that I love just as much as machine quilting, is talking about quilting! 
With such a gorgeous quilt pattern, the quilting possibilities are unlimited. It was hard to narrow down the options to just two! When machine quilting, I love to combine straight lines with free-motion quilting designs so for this quilt, I would definitely do that!
angela walters
The first option uses diagonal lines within the diamond blocks. I feel like it makes the block look more 3D, more like an actual prism. If I were going to quilt it this way, I would quilt something different in the white sashing. Perhaps so dense back and forth lines or circles. Quilting the sashing densely will help “smash” it down and make the prisms “pop” just a bit!

angela walters 2

A second option switches it up just a bit. Instead of quilting the diagonal line inside of the block, you can quilt them in the sashing. (Using the edges of the block as guide will help you keep the lines on track.) Inside the block is a great place for you to try out your favorite free-motion quilting design. In the diagram, I drew a not-so-good-looking meander, but you could use any design. 
No matter how you quilt your Prism quilt, the most important thing is that you do what you think looks good! Happy quilting!
Thank you Angela!! I, for one, am so glad I waited for this post, even though I wanted to jump in on quilting this thing! I definitely want to follow her first diagram; I absolutely looove what those lines do for the quilt pattern! I would also like to add that since this is paper pieced, the seams are pressed to the sides, so you can stitch in the ditch. (It should be fine even if you pressed the seams between the blocks open, because you won't be stitching right along those.) Now, I know some people are all like "ooooooh, stitching in the ditch, that's so hoity toity" or "so not modern" but 1) who cares about being modern? If you want to stitch in the ditch, stitch in the damn ditch. And 2), from the mouth of Angela Walters herself, "Stitching in the ditch is a lot like putting on makeup - nobody can tell you've done it, but your whole face looks better". So that's another option to consider with this very graphic, geometric pattern! You can find lots of stitch in the ditch tips in Angela's second book.

And on to our giveaway from the super lovely Angela....a 4-pack of fat quarters from her brand new collection Legacy!!
Just leave a comment to enter to win! I'll leave the giveaway open until Monday, Aug 26th at midnight EST. That gives you plenty of time :).


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