Oh me, oh my, did I buy all that fabric?

Ummmm, luckily for my wallet, not entirely.... oh me 1

But I bought a lot of it!

I was lucky enough to work on my stash lately due to pattern sales and blogging a tutorial over at Sew Mama Sew. I've been wanting to acquire a lot more basics - color on color and white on color - to round out the fabrics I have. My Spokes tutorial was sponsored by Tactile Fabrics, so they sent me a lovely bundle of fabric - my choice! - in return.

Despite all my bumbling mess-ups while placing the order, Jennifer was very gracious and did not make fun of me (at least to my face....lol!). First up, I grabbed some Architextures "Scribble Notes" in black, Glimma "Korkek" in Jade, Type "Paperclips" in gray, and Glimma "Little Kita" in blueberry (no longer available, but here are some other colorways!).

oh me 2

I also chose some Pure "Bursts" in gray and green, Architextures "Blueprint" in grass, and Pure "Bursts Stripe" on green.

oh me 3

I'm crazy about that green! I don't know why. It's actually a pretty ugly green. But I love it :)

Then I bought a fat eights color wheel fabric bundle from Surly Sheep. I find that having a rainbow stack lying around is perfect for making do. Good stitches bee blocks since I never know what is going to be requested!

oh me 4

Lastly, I had been eyeing these polka dots from Westwood Acres for quite awhile. I actually think they go really well with the rainbow bundle and I'm thinking about pairing them together somehow!

oh me 5

And just a little more eye candy, because fabric is beautiful:

oh me 6

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