Sari Bari progress.....

This past Thursday, I started (FINALLY!) cutting into my sari fabrics. I'm supposed to be mailing it this coming Wednesday....ahem.
sari bari progress 1
Yes, yes, I finally figured out what to do. It involves some strip piecing for fast(er) construction. I added in some other large scale prints for some variety. These fabrics also help provide a more stable environment for the super-shifty saris.
sari bari progress 2
But keep in mind, these two little fellas don't make for much quilting time! (And uh, obviously I don't clean the house, either. Ahem again...)
sari bari progress 3
And then I got sick on Friday and so the majority of the weekend was blown for sewing time. Of course.
So uh....any bets as to when I finish this (twin sized) quilt?
sari bari progress 4
Let's just say that when someone said (on Thursday, as I was cutting my fabric), "oh man I hope I finish, I'm just starting the binding right now!" I laughed. And then I told my husband, who laughed harder.
We'll see how this goes....
sari bari progress 5
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