Blogger's Quilt Festival: Juicy Fruit

For Blogger's Quilt Festival this year, I thought I'd link up my Juicy Fruit quilt and my Something New Sampler Quilt (post found here).
bqf 14
My Juicy Fruit quilt is a pattern I wrote for the summer issue of Fat Quarterly and it just screams summertime to me!
bqf 15
I used just over 6 yards of orange fabric to make this bad boy (crazy!). I cut them all up into piles of strings and away I went:
bqf 16
My friend had mentioned to me how he loves the feel of an old quilt - soft and heavy. He really emphasized the weight of a quilt...but I realized that none of my quilts felt like that! I knew what he was talking about, too; my mom's old quilt is really heavy and it feels so comfortable to snuggle under. So I used two layers of a nice thick 80/20 Hobbs batting. Holy cow, that was hard to push around in my 8.5" throat space!!
bqf 17
It wasn't just difficult because it was thick - but also because this is a large quilt to begin with: 80" x 80". It fits on a full size bed. But now it's the nice heavy weight I was looking for.

bqf 18

The two layers of quilt really gives some great definition to the quilting. I used a whole pile of orange and yellow threads and quilted intersecting lines.
bqf 19
bqf 20
To make the quilting look even chunkier, I used some pearl cotton 8 (tutorial on how to quilt with this thick thread here).
bqf 21a
I'm not usually much of an orange person, but this quilt has been awesome to have at the house - it really warms up the colder days!
bqf 22

Linking up to Blogger's Quilt Festival by Amy:

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Quick stats: Juicy Fruit Quilt 80" x 80" Full-sized bed quilt Made with Kona snow and a pile of oranges Two layers of Hobbs 80/20 batting