Ironing mishaps!

After the marathon quilting session to finish the Sari Bari quilt, I took a little break. Mainly because it killed my back! (hmmm, maybe time to upgrade from a folding chair for sewing? yikes....) And so I happily set forth to do some fun paper piecing, testing out a pattern and just enjoying the process, when GAH!  Every time I ironed, I was leaving brown marks on my fabric!!
Apparently, the combination of the heat activated spray adhesive + saris + iron that I used was not that happiest combo and I'm guessing it made the dye run a bit onto my iron. I couldn't get it off with water, or my finger nail. I didn't want to use a spray cleaner and risk it going inside the holes into the water tank and doing funny things while I was ironing. I thought I was doomed to buy a new iron. To be fair, it was a cheap iron from Meijer, so......oh well!
But then I remembered I had some Mr. Clean erasers, and you know what? They did the trick!
Ironing mishaps
That is disgusting. No wonder it was leaving brown marks! So if you ever have gunk on your iron, I would definitely suggest these erasers as a good solution.
Of course they didn't get everything off.....
Ironing mishaps
But uh, that brown mark is quite old and hasn't caused me any problems - or changed in appearance - since I severely misused some fusible interfacing over a year ago.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? (But if it is broke, Mr. Clean. Just sayin'.)
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