Finished: Flocks & Blocks quilt top

I'm excited to show you my finished Flocks & Blocks quilt top!

finished flocks 1

I asked the members of my do. Good stitches circle to sew up some Flock of HSTs blocks (tutorial here)  in greens, aquas, and dark blues. I made 4 blocks in grays/blacks to round out the color scheme.


This is the first quilt top I've pieced together from bee blocks, and it was a great learning experience. It was a lot of fun to pick the block and the colors I wanted made, a little surprising to see how widely the blocks ranged in accuracy and fabric quality, and sooo rewarding to feel like a top came together super quickly.

finished flocks 3
{Boring brown wall photographed in horrible nighttime lighting}

On another (seemingly unrelated, but it ends up tying in!) note, we just repainted our family room. We've had this fantastic idea to paint the wall with the fireplace yellow, lighten the wall on the left, and put up a graphic, modern wallpaper in grays on the wall on the right. (And you know, get better furniture and a less bulky wall mounted flat screen sometime down the road!) So on Tuesday night, when I should have been getting the house ready for guests, I decided we should paint the yellow wall.

finished flocks 4

So we painted it. And um, it was yellow. I mean, very yellow.

Less than 24 hours later of trying to convince ourselves that we loved it (we didn't), we decided that we just weren't "yellow people".

finished flocks 5

So then we painted it again. You know, on Wednesday night, when I should have been baking pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dessert. And this time? I do love it!!!

finished flocks 7

Holy cow, I love it. I can't for the life of me photograph it accurately, but it's fabulous!! And what's that? This new quilt top goes perfectly with it?

finished flocks 8

Well, that's a definite downside to something being a bee charity quilt. Can't just make a different one to give to the charity instead....

Ah well. Maybe someday I'll make another one just for me :).

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