Prewashing woes

So I've been stashing some red solids lately and wanted to prewash them. I don't normally prewash, but reds scare me just a little bit. I got some Michael Miller cherry, paprika, cranberry, and Kona ruby. I found a little strip of what looked like Kona Crimson in my stash and went ahead and threw that in as well.

prewashing 1

I washed them with my last color catcher (the first time I've ever actually seen any color on one, so it's a good thing I still had one), and threw them in the dryer. Pulling them out was a delightful experience - look at how vibrant those reds are!

prewashing 2

I just shifted them around for awhile, reveling in the color and gleefully imagining what I might make with them. Throw in some Essex linen? Yes please!!


prewashing 3


The Kona Crimson. Or the Kona Crimson look-alike. Frankly, I bought this solid at a store that isn't a straight-up quilt shop, so their solids section is a bit of a mixed bag. Lots of Kona? Yes. Lots of other things? who knows what that was. Could have been Kona Crimson. Could have been something else.


So I went to my LQS and bought a chunk of (for sure) Kona Crimson, as well as some Retayne to pretreat the fabric and hopefully lock the dye in there. We'll see how it goes....

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