Some more ombre :)

Just checking in!
ombre 1
I was able to sew about 1/2 of the strips for my red ombre quilt and am itching to get back to them. It's turning out to be a quick project (when I find the time) and is really hitting the spot right now! I love it so far :)
ombre 2
I haven't had much time to sew lately because of... know....
Children are born without the ability to do anything well - except for making messes! They are amazing at that. Ah, well. They sure are cute at least :).
And to be fair....they aren't the only one making messes. We're working on purging through the house before the baby comes (another big reason I haven't had enough sewing time lately!) and uh...
Well, that's my sewing room....
I guess I can't blame all the messes on the kids, now, can I?
I'm ok with being real with y'all :D
Anyone else have a mess that compares??
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