Tula Pink Butterfly Quilt

Thanks so much for all the love everyone gave Mod Blocks! I'm so proud to have a pattern published in a magazine :). I have a few more publications that will be coming out in awhile, and I can't wait to share those with you, too. In the meantime, I've been wanting a little break from writing patterns. There are so many great patterns already written that I've always wanted to try, but never felt like I had the time. Well.....I'm making the time now. For Christmas, I put Tula Pink's Butterfly quilt kit on my wishlist - and got it! Thanks Mom!! I'm so excited, this quilt is gorgeous!! butterfly 1 Unfortunately I was a little disappointed in the cutting directions - or complete lack thereof, I should say! The pattern also doesn't indicate which fabrics to use and where, just general amounts needed (saying things like, 3 yards total of a medium value fabric). But I wanted to make Tula's quilt - so I've poured over tons of images of her quilt. I mostly referenced Angela Walter's post since her photos are high resolution and can be enlarged when you click on them. I also spent awhile working up my own cutting list.

butterfly 2

As I complete all the versions of each block, I'll share them to show which blocks are made with each fabric. That way, anyone else who wants to make Tula's quilt exactly as shown can do it, too. Today I completed 4 blocks....which means I still have 70+ to go.

butterfly 3

Ummm......that's not depressing sounding, lol. Maybe I'll start a faster project to do alongside :). This might be a year-long one!

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