Ok, so I've recently come clean and shown you the colossal mess that my sewing studio is. It's been getting harder and harder to get stuff actually done in there (I know, shocking, right?). So... I'm purging the sewing room!!!

purgealong 1

There's a fun challenge starting today called 40 Bags in 40 Days. It's focused on purging your house (and subsequently being vigilant about what you allow in). I started a new personal blog this week and will be showing my housewide progress over there!

I thought I'd post here focusing specifically on my sewing room during this process. It's definitely one of the rooms that will take more work. It's the room that holds the possessions with the most meaning to me and will be an interesting journey to try to let some of it go.

Care to join? If you're more technologically advanced than I am, you can always post photos on Instagram with #purgeALONG. Or just blog about your progress. I don't have a set plan for scheduling anything, since I just decided to do this a few days ago, but maybe there'll be a linkup at the end so you can show off your befores and afters. And maybe some prizes? We'll see what happens!

There will be some other bloggers sharing their purging thoughts with you, inspiring Pinterest boards, and lots of encouragement along the way. This challenge isn't just about using up your scraps or how to organize your stash (though these topics are related and will probably come up). This is about purging - having less stuff! Because if your stuff isn't working for you, it's working against you.

I'm not sure how well I'll do, since I'm 9 months pregnant, but I'm ready to try! Honestly, with my low blood pressure, high heart rate, and ongoing mild dehydration this pregnancy, I've been having troubles standing up at the ironing board. Sitting on the floor and sorting things into bags for my husband to cart away is actually easier! Even though it's not as fun as sewing, I'm looking forward to having a pleasant space at the end of this project. So if your house - or just your sewing room - needs a cleanup, join in :).
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