7 Solids Inspired by Succulents

7 solids
Recently I went on a little shopping spree at my LQS, Crimson Tate, and couldn't get some pinterest photos of succulents out of my head! I had never really been into succulents before, but I think it's just because I hadn't seen enough of them :) My favorite ones are shades of dusty blues and purples - I used to think succulents were only ever green. I sure was missing out!
With these beautiful flowers in mind, I purchased the following solids:
7 solids again
*Ok, ok, so none of the succulents were white! But I did pin a few lovely wedding bouquets where succulents were paired with beautiful, cream roses. Perfection.
I'm just itching to find the time to use them! I might even go back and round these out with some succu-licious greens and pinks...
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