Around the interwebz :D

Just some great links to share with you today!
A cool article on how creative people say no.
Splityarn's Flickr feed is so inspiring!
In case you didn't know, my friend Lindsay has this great collaborative Pinterest board on modern quilting projects.
And speaking of Pinterest, Alex Veronelli of Aurifil is a bit of a Pinterest demi-god. Basically the quilty-Pinteresty version of George Takei on Facebook. If that makes any sense to you.
Here and here are some interesting thoughts on the differences (or lack thereof) between modern quilting and traditional quilting by r0ssie - definitely worth a read!
I decorated these champagne glasses, which normally wouldn't be quilty, but don't they just scream Molli Sparkles to you?
In other news, I'm working on quilting up my friend's baby quilt - pics to come soon!! I just need to decide what quilting pattern to use's my first time quilting someone else's quilt top, and it's definitely an interesting experience - I just hope she likes how I've done everything!
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