What are YOUR 10 Quilty Little Secrets?

This week, instead of Pin it Monday, I thought I'd take a little bit of a detour...Link Up: 10 Quilty Little Secrets Style!!
(Don't worry, you can still link your pins. I'm opening last week's linky to be open through this week. So go link up all your quilting related pins - I've been enjoying repinning them and seeing the love they're all getting on Pinterest!)
When I wrote my 10 Quilty Little Secrets post, I never thought it would get the reaction it has gotten. I mean, I just wrote the first ones that came to mind, pulled together an image, and hit post.
Did you guys ever respond!! I had no idea so many people were feeling restrained, or even embarrassed, by some of their secrets. It's a shame, really, that we can't be more open about some of these things. Quilting is a lot of things - it's a craft, it's an art, it's a hobby, it's a job, it's mind consuming, it's stress-relieving - but it should never be exclusive to those who do it "the right way". I think that's part of the modern quilting movement's purpose, but I'm sad to hear there's still so much of it out there!
It can be hard to speak your mind, but folks, I'm so glad you did. And I was sooo surprised at some of the things you guys were confessing. Holy schnitzel (because my spellchecker doesn't like "schnikey"), did you all have some doozies!
Some hilarious: I've had a 12.5 inch square ruler for nearly 4 years no and have only just worked out how the markings work. This discovery was made after trimming bee blocks this afternoon, hence my current foul mood.I love to use steam when I iron! The more steam and heat the better. I mean I want enough steam in my face that it brings my blackheads to the surface.

Some that came up over and over again (off the top of my head): A lot of you guys also iron instead of pressing.

Squaring up a quilt - say what??? We don't bother with that biz...

A lot of dislike for Cotton + Steel. I found this one interesting. I'm glad you guys had the guts to say it!!

Using the word "sew" instead of "so" - ugh, this drives me up a wall as well, people!

And some that I had plain never heard/thought of: I have been known to take my sister's quilt top apart and fix a seam or two. She knows it, and I don't do it too often, but sometimes it is too wonky even for me. (This cracked me up - but I would flip if someone did that to my quilt!)

I really enjoy trimming HSTs. Over, and over, and over again. (Everybody seemed ready to send Molli all of their HSTs!)

It annoys me when patterns don't give seam pressing suggestions. Comment from JoyceLM (huh. I had never realized they were important to anyone!)

I should probably change my rotary cutter blade more often. I have actually taken the old blade out and put a dab of oil on the blade and put it back on. I got this tip from another quilter and it works surprisingly well. Comment from Lea (Ummm, as a stingy quilter myself, this sounds aMAZing!)

13 Spools
I've really enjoyed reading all of these. It made me feel very liberated and made me realize that there were some things that I didn't really like - but tried to convince myself to like because they were popular (I'm looking at you, Cotton + Steel and AMH fabrics!!). That's flat out stupid. This isn't high school, this isn't Mean Girls, this is modern quilting, and I'm going to do what the hell I want to do, and like what the hell I want to like, and hate what the hell I want to hate.
But don't worry. I'll save room for some mild disliking, too (I'm looking at you, Aurifil).
I have the privilege of looking through my Google Analytics page to read everyone else's posts, but you don't. Soooo, I thought that the linky this week would be for your 10 (or more) Quilty Little Secrets. I've collected links of the posts I've seen thus far, but please, go write your own! I've already linked up some of the ones I've seen. And if you feel so inclined, grab the button via Molli Sparkles.
And if you need a drink, first, so that you can really be honest, well.....here's a few of my favorites :)

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