Pin It Monday: Pineapple Style

Welcome to Pin It Monday!
Today, I'm shining the spotlight on a very special quilt by a friend of mine, Darcie. She pattern tested my Fire & Ice pattern, and also sewed one of the quilts in my upcoming book. She also bound a number of the quilts in the book for me (I think maybe 4 of them?).
Anyway, last week, she linked up a pin of her Sunset Pineapple Quilt. I wish I made this quilt.
Not as in, I want to make one now, but as in, I wish I was the one who had come up with this idea and made this quilt. It's brilliant.
Sunset Pineapple_cool front angle
Ombre + paper piecing = be still my heart. Darcie doesn't blog very frequently, but if you want to follow her, then you'll be the first to know the next time she unveils some more amazingness.
Sunset Pineapple_papers ripped off     Sunset Pineapple_glass test quilting
That is all. Link up your lovelies :)

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