Blogger's Quilt Festival: Dyed

I'm entering my second quilt, Dyed, into the Home Machine Quilted category. I really had a blast quilting this one.
The white portion was quilted in a style that I have heard referred to as both "improv quilting" and "graffiti quilting" - basically a mash-up of a ton of different designs.
In an effort to keep the quilted from looking overwhelming, I FMQed some larger portions of it with orange peel quilting.
I wrote more detailed tutorials about this kind of quilting here and here.
In the red portion, I quilted feathers branching upwards. In between the feathers, I matchstick quilted straight lines.
The feathers are super frilly and curly, which balances out the very angular nature of the quilt top.
I named this quilt "Dyed". I had a couple different inspirations that merged together in my imagination to create this design, but one of them - don't laugh too hard! - was the commercial where Conan was in India, hand-dying the fabric for his new show curtains a deep red. This quilt was meant to represent a white fabric being dipped and stained in red, if that makes sense.
And so there you have it. The Dyed quilt.

Finished QuiltAmy Garro