Quiltpocalypse Now

Alright, it's time for a little highschool-style fun. Let's say there was a Quiltpocalypse. If you could only ever use the fabric from TWO designers for the rest of your life, who would they be and why? (no worries, the solids have remained unharmed)

Mine would be Carolyn Friedlander & Parson Gray. Mmmmmm I love their stuff! Both of their design styles lean masculine, with the occasional softer print, which is totally my style.
I could definitely live without quilting a super girly quilt ever again. I mean, I might miss it a little, but I could live. But never quilting a masculine quilt again? No way! I would cry some major quilty tears. And then fall over dead.
The quality and nature of both their patterns and their colors work really well together, which is hugely important.
Basically, CF + PG = 2getha 4eva, mmmmmhmmm.
So, pleeeeeease tell me - who do you think belongs together forever? Who couldn't you live without?
Omitted, StashingAmy Garro