Linky Love

Just sharing some interesting finds with you all...

Do you hold pins in your mouth? Stop! This woman inhaled a pin and it went inside her lung. Seriously frightening.

Elise is making another Milky Way Medallion. This time around, someone asked for "Black, grey, brown and navy with low volume fabrics, modern but girly". I personally have no idea how to achieve girly with those colors, so I'm excited to see what she does. I'm hoping to learn!
This tutorial by Chelsea on how to create a photo backdrop is genius and I need to make one!

You know when someone makes a quilt and there are no words...but it just grabs your heart? For me, that's pretty much everything by Amy Friend. Especially this one.

Do you follow any non-quilting blogs for inspiration? I'm totally in love with Vintage Revivals and Sarah Dorsey Designs.

Amazing patterns pop up faster than I can sew. I'm currently eyeing Wagon Wheels, Rolling Meadows, Facing East, Outburst, and the striking Colour Wheel quilt.

That being said...I'm itching for a quiltalong already. Have you heard of any fun ones coming up? Or know of a pattern I should start one for?

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