The Runaround Bag

Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas!! I'm so grateful for my readers, for having found this passion for creating, and for this space to share it with you all. I absolutely love quilting, and love blogging. I have lots more fun posts in the works :)

But for now, just a few quick peeks gazillion photos of the Runaround Bag I made for my sister for Christmas (being substantially photobombed some awesome metallic chevron pencils):

DSC_0085 copy

If you missed it, all of the fabric facts are here. I added another fabric, Stoff Fabrics "Pure", Burst Stripes in white & green, for the binding. It's the exact same colorway as the pocket, just a different print. I didn't want to use up all of the regular Bursts fabric on the binding, where the cute flowers couldn't be appreciated!

And speaking of fabric, the corduroy  worked out beautifully and gave a wonderful texture:

DSC_0124 copy a

DSC_0097 copy

The Runaround Bag is a Noodlehead pattern - seriously love her stuff! It's go a few different optional parts, and I went for a snap closure & slip pocket (no zippers here, thank you very much!), which I divided to hold pencils + keys/phone:

DSC_0117 copy a

I also found a few fun things to coordinate with it {pencils and personalize-able notebook found here}.

DSC_0115 copy

And in closing, Merry Christmas from my husband as well, who took these fabulous photos for you:

DSC_0150 copy

Simply fabulous. And none of them were blurry at all....

DSC_0103 copy

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