Texas Star Quilt Block - Free Paper Piecing Pattern

Three years ago, I saw a tutorial for a beautiful star block over on Blue Elephant Stitches. Here's what Jolene had to say about this block:
"The pattern originally came from an older quilting book that is full of traditional quilt block patterns.  It included templates, but absolutely no instructions.  I've made the templates into a printable pdf for you to print out, and I'll try to give a few directions for making this block."
I started cutting out pieces for these blocks, but ugh, apparently I have not the patience for template cutting! So I abandoned that project.

Fast forward to now, and I love the look of that block so much, it's still been rolling around in my head. I took another look at it and realized I could easily make a paper piecing pattern for it.

Score. Now I can rotary cut for the win.

 You can grab this pattern for free here on Craftsy. The block finishes at 12".


I didn't trace it, so it's probably not precisely the same as Jolene's, but I think the pretty look is still there!

I'll probably set these aside and let some ideas stir until I decide what to do with them.

 For now, download away, my friends. Download away.
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