Stashing: Solids & Stripes

First of, a huge thank you to everyone who commented telling me what classes they would be interested in! I'm looking into what's a good fit for the technical capabilities I have and will hopefully be able to make an announcement in the next several weeks. {If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out the giveaway on this post.} And now, some stashing. I sojourned out to one of my local quilt shops this week. I don't go there frequently, as it's a bit farther away, but their selection of solids is top-notch.

Peppered Cottons 4 copy

Never mind the fact that I hadn't showered in (oh let's not talk about it), and my second child, aka Sir-Screams-a-Lot, was at the very top of his screaming game the whole time.

Peppered Cottons 3 copy

Honestly, most trips I make out the house are a bit of a shit-show, and I always feel bad for subjecting others to my messy life. But, the quilt shop ladies were at the top of their hospitality game with offerings of stickers and all other things nice, enabling me to purchase all of these lovely fabrics.

Peppered Cottons 5 copy

(Ever since Elise's post about shrinking shot cottons, I make sure to prewash theses.)

Peppered Cottons 1 copy

All of these fabrics have destinations as bindings & backings. I'm especially excited about the stripes!! Is there a specific shop you like to go to for basics? I know Marmalade Fabrics has an amazing array of Kona Solids. Any other places I should know of?

Peppered Cottons 2 copy

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