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What if you could follow the next hot designer's career from the very start? What if you could watch tomorrow's Amy Butler, Lotta Jansdotter, and Carolyn Friedlander develop before your eyes, and give them support and encouragement along the way? What if we could band together to create a grassroots movement which supported indie fabric designers? Together, we have the power to show fabric manufacturers what we want. We can be a part of defining the future trends and movements within the design world. And, more importantly, we have the ability to help make a new designer's dreams become a reality.


By making it easy for talented textile artists to be noticed.

By talking about them on our blogs and social media.

By purchasing their fabric. And by giving them lots and lots of encouragement.

That's why I'm so excited to introduce the Up & Coming Designer program to you:

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Craft Buds and I are partnering to bring you this awesome new program. At Craft Buds, we'll be talking with the designers about their stories. Here at 13 Spools, I'll be photographing and showcasing their fabrics in stash pulls and projects.

How does this benefit you?

First and foremost, we'll be introducing you to hot new designers with fabulous fabrics that will give you a unique edge in your projects. Who doesn't want to find new and fabulous fabric? And, a huge benefit of indie designers is their ability to fulfill custom orders. Let's say you like that print, but want it in a different color? Done. Custom made, just for you.

Second, for those of you who like to support small businesses, this provides you with a fantastic opportunity to be a part of something you can believe in. Together, we can create an uplifting environment for new creators in the community.

And lastly, for those of you who are curious about the design world, this is your chance to learn more! We'll meet new designers and hear about what prompted them to enter textile design, their design process, and where they find inspiration.

Why do this?

In the past few years, I've been trying really hard to "make it" in this industry - publishing a book, patterns in magazines and my own shop, teaching, blog hops, etc. But along the way, I discovered that it is extremely difficult to start a career in this industry (at least, it has been for me).

Instead of belaboring something that will just take time, I thought to myself, why not put that effort into 'paying it forward' and helping someone else? And so my passion for supporting others was reawakened. Imagine just how powerful we, as consumers (and quilters), could be in affecting another person's career! (And no, I am not making money from this venture - no one is paying me, if that matters to you!)

But what should you do?

I am saddened when I see someone with extreme talent and genius fly under the radar, unnoticed. It doesn't need to happen - not in this community! So I'm inviting you to do 5 things:

1) Spread the word

If you are excited about this idea, then please - blog about it, pin it, tell your friends about it! The success of our program will depend on you & your enthusiasm.

2) Follow along

I'll be posting here with my projects, and there will be some posts over on Craft Buds, as well - so check their site out if you don't follow them already! You won't miss a thing if you follow us in these two places :)

3) Buy indie

Ultimately, this is how these designers can put bread on their table at the end of the day - plus, it'll make your stash look fantastic :P

4) Show off your indie goods

Like it, love, share it - because if you think it's awesome, chances are, your friends will, too. If you buy any of these indie designers' fabrics, we encourage you to photograph it and share. After all, how do most of us find out about new fabric designers and online shops? Bloggers, facebook, instagram, and word of mouth - you know the drill, folks!

5) Refer us your indie finds

Ok, so you have this friend...and she's pretty great...and has some pretty cool designs...

Yes. The answer is, YES we want you to tell us about her! Or yourself, or whomever it is that you love! We are still looking for more up & coming indie designers. So plllllease, tell me - is there anyone you would love to see us feature?



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