Take Great Photos

Hey guys! Just popping in here real quick to let you know about something I just found - the Ultimate Bundles Photography Package! (And just as a heads up, this is NOT an affiliate link.) Some of you know that I'm totally into photography over here, and I touched on it a bit in my last post. This is a great bundle for anyone who wants a low-priced, comprehensive guide to taking great photos. One of the books is best-selling iPhone Only Photography (check it out here if you are interested in only that book), so it's not just a DSLR package. I know a lot of people with iPhones who bemoan that they don't have a "nice" camera like me (a DSLR), which makes me laugh - because my DSLR is so old and has a ton of shortcomings (it's over 10 years old, soon after DSLRs were first coming out), and their iPhone actually has a great camera on it! You can take amazing photos on an iPhone! That's because half the battle is knowing how to use your equipment. My photos didn't start looking good simply because I picked up a DSLR. I took classes and learned how to use it - and that's what made a difference.

Anyway - I said it was going to be a quick post, and I meant it! The deal runs out super soon, so I just wanted to give anyone who's interested a heads-up :)

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