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linky love Rebecca posted about this new pattern and I bought it also immediately, and pulled a bunch of fabrics from my stash for a queen-sized version. Yes, there has been lots of impulse purchasing lately.

My Tribal Rose quilt is in the Cotton Couture look book (page 25). There are some seriously gorgeous quilts in there; I'm honored to be (virtually) hanging out with those other designers! Of course, they renamed it "Baby It's Cold Outside". Which not me.

My new sister-in-law sent me these two palettes as a jumping off point for their belated wedding quilt. I'm alternating between I'm so in love with these! and I'm terrified I'm going to mess this up and make something dumb! So that's not really going anywhere fast, but I plan on inspiration striking me anytime soon. So hear me, inspiration?

I started listening to this podcast that Christa recently suggested and am totally loving it. It's probably my new fave.

Actually, did you know that my bestie and I have our own podcast? Yeahhhhhh, it's embarrassing. You can listen to me admit when the last time I cleaned my shower was (like I said, embarrassing), my theories on introverts & extroverts, and all sorts of other stuff related to being a mom. My coolness factor is off the charts, folks.

As usual, Amy's creations blow me away - especially this one.

I was going to link to a few pins that I'm loving lately, but the list got long, sooo....see them all here.

I'm going to be teaching a workshop in Chicago on October 17 - please come party sew with me! Details here. I'm also doing an interactive trunk show with them on the 18th. Interactive = touch all the quilts. Not even kidding.

I'm freaking out in the best way possible over this. I'm sure you'll be hearing about it way too much in the near future.

Some non-quilting blogs I enjoy: In Honor of Design, Vintage Revivals, Sarah M. Dorsey Designs, East Coast Creative, White House Black Shutters.

And please, tell me some of your fave links! Specifically, tell me if there's someone whose blog and/or instagram I should start following!

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