Stashing Galore

DSC_5015 copy You know, I'm normally a very frugal fabric purchaser, but I don't know WHAT has happened. You guys, it is bad. Or really, eally good, depending on how you look at it. I got online to get some fabric for my brother & sister-in-law's quilt and just...kept...clicking. And then I grabbed the recent pattern that Becca posted, and of COURSE I needed some fabric for that! Annnnnd then I just had to pick up some more fabric this weekend after the quilt guild meeting....

Anyway. Send help, but don't touch the fabric.

There are way too many fabrics here to identify (without spending forever on it), but if you like what you see, I got all of these at: Fabric Bubb, Fabric Worm, Crimson Tate

DSC_4967 copy

DSC_4979 copy

DSC_4999 copy

DSC_5001 copy

DSC_5006 copy

DSC_5021 copy

fabric (115) copy

fabric (5) copy

fabric (19) copy

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