Baby Icy Waters

I wish I could jump in here to say that I've been away for a month because I'm doing all the things! Like writing a book and releasing a fabric line and and and!! Uhhhh, no. Actually, the main culprit is the big ole zero inspiration. Writer's quilter's block. I must admit, I've had some major design droughts over here. I think a lot of it is all of the pressure to measure up to the quilts that were in my book - they were some of my best pieces of work, and I feel like all of my pieces have to be equally - or more! - awesome, and then I get in this crazy freak out mode!!!!


I still want to sew and make things, so while waiting for inspiration, I've been doing a little stitching. (Yes, I'm aware that I sound a little frantic right now. Apologies. I swear I'm being a normal person.) I started a print version of Icy Waters. There's a number of Cotton + Steel prints, a gorgeous silver metallic crosshatch by Anne Kelle, and some white on white Carolyn Friedlander crosshatch.


I'm halfway done, and decided that it would actually be cute to split the quilt in half to make two toddler quilts. I'm pretty pumped about it :)

DSC_9182Apparently there are two different white on white prints by Carolyn, which are slightly different......

DSC_9185Yeah. I'm just going with it. And I've also been pleasantly surprised at how well the gold and the silver metallic look together.

DSC_9193So cool people - what have you been up to? I miss you all!

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