The Quilter's Planner: Vibrations Pattern

By now, I'm positive you've heard of the super stellar awesome quilty planner by Steph of Late Night Quilter. May I just say that I'm both hugely jealous of and totally excited for her (that's ok to say, right? We're friends, so I'm saying it. Lol.) planner Wellllll, more to the point, included in the planner is my pattern for Vibrations.

Vibrations copya

So step right up to the plate for my quilt pattern (plus a bunch others that Stephanie will be talking about in the upcoming weeks), 52 quilt block tutorials, and pretty much the most adorable planner you've ever seen. Because I don't know about you, but my life is a crazy mess, and I like to have a planner so I can pretend that it's not. You know how it is ; )



Finished QuiltAmy Garro