Tribal Block Club - last chance for the early bird pricing!

Don't forget to sign up here for the Tribal Block Club! The early bird pricing will end January 1st at noon eastern time! I thought I would share my two versions of one of the quilts in the block club.

I originally intended on making this quilt with a bright pink fabric and a print from Carolyn Friedlander's new Carkai line, but I just couldn't wait until it came out. So for my first version, I pulled a variety of pinks, reds, and purples to make this quilt:

DSC_0068a DSC_0073a DSC_0086a

For the back, I used this Alison Glass fabric; it's the greatest funky pink-red. My friend Darcie quilted this project for me (she's just launching her longarming services!) with flowing lines - I wanted something simple, since this quilt top is busy. This is a scrappy take on the quilt pattern provided in the block club. While I like this quilt a lot, and found it successful in many senses, I didn't quite hit the look I was imagaining in my head - has that ever happened to you? I don't want to wax poetic about it to make it seem as though I dislike the quilt, so let me just simply say that it wasn't quite "me". Since I was a little disappointed by that, I went ahead and made another version:



This second version follows the pattern from the block club exactly. I'm thinking this one needs a more angular quilting treatment. I'm debating as to whether to do that myself, or to send it out. For the meantime, I will say that I'm much happier with this version than the first - but I'm most excited to start on a pink + Carkai version, as originally planned. I think the whole reason I wasn't 100% happy with these two is that they just weren't the same as my original vision. Apprently I have trouble letting go of an idea ;)

I have to source just the right pink fabric (I want it to look bright & funky but not too juveline - tough balance there!), and then I'll be all set to start sewing that version along with everyone else in the club on January 15th!