Quilt Pattern Layout: Adobe InDesign Video

Hey all! In case you haven't seen it yet, Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs is running an absolutely fabulous blog series on pattern writing. I volunteered to put together a video showing how I use InDesign to lay out my patterns. As I mention in the video, I create all of my illustrations in Adobe Illustrator, edit all of my photos in Adobe Photoshop, and complete the layout in Adobe InDesign. These programs are exceptionally powerful and create a beautiful end product.


After creating my InDesign file (as shown in the video), I simply export it as a PDF, and bam! It's ready to go for all of you. You can download the Texas Star pattern here.

texas star block

If you think you might be interested in pattern design, I highly recommend all of these programs. You can subscribe to them for just a month to try them out if you're interested, as opposed to paying over a thousand dollars for the whole suite - like I had to do in college! Check out the program subscriptions here: InDesign*, Illustrator*, Photoshop*.

*Affiliate links, btw! But only because I believe these products are the absolute best and I use them myself.